Constantly innovative

Constantly innovative

Innovations at CMC Poland

Let’s ask ourselves a few questions: What is innovation for our company? How do we understand it? Are we prepared to develop? Maybe it would be easier and cheaper to use and rely on solutions borrowed from others? Why do we care so much about being an innovative company?

Since the dawn of time, man has been striving for development and self-realization. Each generation wants to be better than the previous one by raising the standards of existence through the development of technology. We ask ourselves another question: can a company that values customer service product quality and the environment in which it operates, stand still? Not in the case of CMC Poland. Our strategy is based on the continuous development of the product we want to offer to our customers. For us, innovation symbolizes a change expressed in the form of new products or technologies. We use the latest technological solutions, invest in people development, set new trends, and make history by manufacturing new products. With thisapproach, people work and live better.

As an example of our work towards innovation, we participate in research and development projects co-financed by the European Union INNOSTAL and European projects that promote innovation and enterprise development. We set new trends in the steel industry by creating innovative products that are the result of the R&D team’s work. Over the past two years, we have developed a number of steel products that have not yet been produced by the electric steelmaking process. We are proud of these accomplishments and are considered to be leaders in the industry for the production of these products.

  • We are frontrunners in the domestic market for the production of a wide range of wire rods from the so-called free-machining steel, grade 11SMn30. This grade is also available at CMC Poland in rolled round bars.
  • We have implemented modern bainitic steel characterized by a unique combination of strength and plasticity parameters, the use of which enables the elimination of heat treatment procedures in the supply chain.
  • As a result of the R&D team’s work, we can also offer flat bars with an increased yield point and impact energy, which are used in the construction of car trailers and more.

For the sake of continuous development, we install modern, technologically advanced equipment , which helps us to improve the production process of our products.

We are open to new solutions that exceed customers’ expectations and ambitiously aim to reach higher levels.

Can the world develop without developing products made of steel? Would today’s building structures, road architecture and automotive industry be at such a high level without the continuous development of steel products? The answer is simple: No! We know that innovation is the future, and our future is an innovative product, made of green steel, produced by the electric process.