Technical consultancy

Technical consultancy

Project optimization

Project optimization refers to the replacement of classical reinforcement with welded meshes.

Since we are a manufacturer, work contractors often approach us with a request to use meshes in a project where traditional reinforcement has already been incorporated. In such a case, a designer must perform the same work twice.

We support mesh-based designing.

We would like to offer you cooperation in designing reinforced concrete components with the use of reinforcement meshes.

For your convenience, we can develop a solution to replace current reinforcement, adjust meshes to fit the project/construction or production capacity.

We shall jointly discuss a proposal of change, we will present a practical optimization of replacing reinforcement bars with specific meshes as well as benefits of the proposed change.

Consultation and design support are free of charge and do not entail any obligations on your side.

The idea of welded meshes is to eliminate a lengthy process of tying bars on a construction site (bars are welded together already at the stage of production), which reduces labor intensity and, in effect, the cost and time of construction.

Recently, together with the representatives of Tekla and Allplan companies we have implemented catalogues with ready-made meshes which effectuates more convenient and quicker designing of constructions with the use of meshes.

We encourage you to contact us, to meet us directly or online in order to discuss the idea behind the meshes, their application and use in the designing process.