What makes us stand out?

What makes us stand out?

Until recently, there were areas where welded wire mesh made of cold-rolled steel in ductility class A could not be used. This problem concerned in particular engineering structures with alternating stresses. Mesh could also not be used in transportation construction.

CMC Poland was the first to introduce welded wire mesh made of hot rolled steel in ductility class C under the trademark #PentakosiaC®. The #PentakosiaC® mesh speeds up work at the construction site so that there are no unnecessary changes of steel in the design and the whole project can be completed with one grade of steel. Welded steel #PentakosiaC® mesh can be used in reinforced concrete structures operating under dynamic and repeatedly changing loads, in a temperature range from -60ºC to +100ºC. These parameters have a significant impact on structure performance and safety.

#PentakosiaC® can be used in the construction of facilities such as:

  • road and rail engineering structures
  • public roads
  • internal roads
  • skyscrapers
  • underground stations
  • tunnels
  • airports

B500SP steel is produced by hot rolling and stretch hardening. The mesh is a system of longitudinal and perpendicular bars of the same grade joined at all intersections by resistance welding.